2022 School Enrolment Query 

Here you may apply online to query a placement for your little one.   
Our fees stay the same as 2021.

The registration fee is                          R 1600


Registration fee end March                R 1200

Registration fee end June                   R 800

Registration fee end October             R 400


Registration fees include the following: All stationery, creative art supplies, for the year. The registration also includes the 2 x yearly school photographs. (Photographs may not be applicable to registrations after March kids might have missed the photo sessions)




  • Option 1- Babies, ages 3 to 24 months incl. school holidays             R2550

  • Option 2- Babies, ages 3 to 24 months excl. school holidays            R2350

  • Option 3- All other ages, incl. School Holidays                                     R2250

  • Option 4- All other ages excl. School Holidays                                      R2050

  • Option 5- Grade R incl. School Holidays                                                  R2300

  • Option 6- Grade R excl. School Holidays                                                 R2100

  • Option 7- Month to Month no fee contracts, no notice contract      R2700​

All extra information will be in the Parents Booklet which you will receive on the first day of school.

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